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1955 Indianapolis Victory Banquet Program signed By 13 Drivers

Jimmy Davies, Walt Faulkner, Al Herman,Duane Carter,Eddie Johnson,
Don Freeland,Art Cross,Sam Hanks,Johnnie Parsons,Ray Crawford
Al Keller,Johnny Boyd, Jerry Hoyt


1960 Indianapolis 500 Victory Banquet Autographed by 14 Drivers

Harlan Fengler, Don Branson, Eddie Johnson, Bob Christie, Duane Carter
Gene Hartley, Bobby Grim, Jim Hurtubise, Don Freeland, Wayne Weiler,
Gene Force, Len Sutton, Al Herman, Roger Ward


1963 Indianapolis 500 Program

Autographed by 15 drivers: Duane Carter, Masten Gregory, Chuck Rodee,
Jack Turner,Bob Veith, Dan Gurney, Dempsey Wilson, Ronnie Duman,
 Roger Ward, Bobby Unser, Bud Tinglestad
and non qualifiers Colby Scroggin, Curtis Turner and Keith Porky Rachwitz